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Badabeem Badaboom...

Dive into the average day of the Morgan household....fun....

★ Rhîan Morgan ★

I am Rhîan, I can see, I'm 19. I like Jrock my favorite bands are L'Arc~en~Ciel, Hide, Glay, Gackt and La'cryma Christi. I am abit of a layout hoe and obbess over them even though usually there is nothing wronge with them XD I like DDR and para para, I am quite crap at para para as I cannot dance well but I am quite good at DDR ^O^ I lack the needed stamina though :( I am studying Biology, Geography, Psychology and Physics in school and they are hard, and I want to go Uni when I finish 6th form in school. I like japanese stuff as it is cuuute ^o^ I have tried to learn japanese before and failed missarably, and we don't have the option to learn it in school :( My favorite colours are blue and orange as they are pweedie and I think they go well together <3 I am very organised usually but not very tidy, my room = orangised choas.

Some of the things I hate are xeena, this tard at school, she is such a manky hoe. I also hate beans as they taste really manky and make people fart dead bad :( I don't like it when my laptop messes up! Stupid lame windows is always going wrong and I am addicted to the internet so can't do without it for very long =_= But it messes up alll the time and me ands technology = a biiiig mess and usually me upset *pouts*

When I finish my A levels I would like to go to John Moores university in Liverpool as they do Genics and Molecular biology, like the only place around here that does it most do like Genics and drama or genics and a modern language like wtf o.o;; anyway I am dead lucky as theres where most people I know come from and my sister goes there and most of my friends want to go there too so I won't be on me bill :3 When I was younger I wanted to be an astrophysicist XD what kinda kids wants to be an astrophysist? XD or I wanted to study dinosaur bones but I was scared of dinosaurs when I was younger so I opted against that one XD I was such a strange child.

Me My boyo Brian ^3^ Lauren and Jo My sister Caryn Jennie complete with bag
Lera cosplaying Sign of doom My kittie Rosie Tokyo Brian is happy

Rosie had a hat Laurens Dead Ugly Manakin o.o Monkey purse Devil Caryn John Travolta Magiks Scrambled eggs Restricted Headroom aparently Pot or chips? Monkeeee Ghost
Mirror hand He loves juu! Wing zero model Orange Juice tesco brand My guitar My buffalo boots bag Lauren Sky Arubics cube on the move Steph on fire? O.o Stupid cat =_= Mmm Pie
Watch out! Zoom Rich!! Hamtoro with attitude Jam but not really, it's beetroot Zoom

These ones were won at laruku_awards which has a weekly L'Arc~en~Ciel avatar contest which is curently not running :/

My homepage - Just some more random stuff about me
My myspace page - Like another kinda livejournal thing just not as good
My neopets user info - If your on neopets add me as a friend if you like :3
My Neo Universe message board - A L'Arc~en~Ciel message I am a member of, it is very good for up to date news :3

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